A letter from our Chairman & CEO

Why AKKA? Why Now More Than Ever?

May, 2020

To our valued customers

Over the many years of our customers’ partnerships we have developed a powerful working relationship, defined by a common passion for technology, innovative ideas and shared pride in your success when the project is delivered. You have also challenged us to continuously adapt our service levels to your evolving requirements and we have invested in the development of a future-proof digital technology portfolio. Our relationship has contributed to making AKKA a stronger partner for your business – for this we are grateful.

As many countries relax their lock-down measures and businesses resume their operations, the time is ripe to remind our valued customers of the benefits of using AKKA as a partner to manage the fall-out of COVID-19.  Most of our clients have engaged in furloughs and layoffs but now are faced with the challenge of having to accelerate and adapt strategic product roadmaps to new use-cases and technology and resume or right-size their manufacturing operations.

But regardless of how it feels to be “returning to normal,” most experts see the potential for further spikes and issues in the COVID crisis.  Such uncertainty historically should lead you to rely on us and our contingent solutions, fit for the “new normal”.

Here are five reminders why using our services now can be in your best interest.

      • Readiness:  Whatever contingent labor capability you need we can likely provide it to you in hours, not days
      • Flexibility:  Our engineering, IT and technical talent can work from their home or from our premises
      • Cash Flow:  If you hire or rehire an internal employee, you must pay them shortly after they work.  We can work together on credit terms preserving your valuable cash.
      • Ease of Use:  We are able to quickly scale up or down the level of resources you need, without you having to deal with the associated HR administrative tasks.
      • Extensive Global Bench of skills and Capabilities:  we provide services globally and offer you a mode of cooperation tailored to your needs


Notwithstanding COVID19, we still have the strongest combination of cutting-edge engineering talents ready and willing to undertake projects or assignments.
Notwithstanding COVID19, we can continue to support manufacturing operations, following your protocols and in line with local guidelines.
Notwithstanding COVID19, we are available to support any initiative where you need help.

We are confident that if Readiness, Flexibility, Cash Flow, Ease of Use and an Extensive Global Bench of skills and capabilities is what you need, we can help.  As we have in the past, we will support you and we will continue to leverage our partnership to get through this together.  We will be reaching out in the next few days to offer our support.