The Group Executive Committee

The Group Executive Committee, chaired by Mauro RICCI, defines the strategic guidelines and coordinates their implementation. It also monitors the commercial and operational performance of the Group’s business units. The latter enjoy managerial autonomy and all means of support necessary for the performance of their activities.


Mauro Ricci

Chairman of the board & Group CEO

Jean-Franck Ricci

Group Managing Director, in charge of business development and sales

Nathalie Buhnemann

Group CFO

Paolo del Noce

CEO France

Derrick Zechmair

CEO Germany

Primo Meregalli

CEO International BU

Kenneth Ragnvaldsen

CEO Data Respons & Northern Europe

Dharam Sheoran

CEO AKKA North America

Stéphanie Bia

Group Communications & Investor Relations Director

The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors oversees the company’s management. It advises and controls the Group Executive Committee on the course to take in its activities and ensures that the interests of the Group’s stakeholders (shareholders, employees and customers) are met.




Corporate governance documents

Corporate Governance Charter

The Corporate Governance Charter established by the Board of Directors aims at providing a comprehensive and transparent disclosure of the Company’s governance.

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AKKA TECHNOLOGIES SE is incorporated in Belgium, with its registered office at Avenue Louise 235, 1050 Brussels.



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