AKKA Research, an ecosystem enabler

The main objective of AKKA Research is to develop pragmatic technological bricks that can be applied in an industrial context. These bricks being the result of a rigorous selection process on the technology implemented by an entire ecosystem comprised of industry players, research and development laboratories, academia , and start-ups. ​​

The three technological lines (Digital Tech, Automation and Green Energy) have been selected on the basis of continuous exchange with the entire ecosystem and are validated every six months by a scientific committee to ensure that AKKA Research develops solutions that are in line with the expectations of our customers. With its participation in numerous European projects, AKKA Research is now able to link the long-term research of major European laboratories with the short-term innovation needs of R&D centers around the world. ​

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Jul 06 2020

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AKKA Research presentation – EN


Jul 06 2020

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AKKA Research presentation – FR


Aug 23 2020

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AKKA Research presentation – DE