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CLEAR 2022 Strategic Plan

The digital revolution is well underway. Technology is constantly changing, driving unprecedented growth prospects for the mobility sector. In its wake, the engineering and R&D services market is set to double in size by 2022. Thanks to our multi-sector approach and unique ability to anticipate societal, technological and industrial trends, AKKA is writing the future of mobility alongside our clients with a new strategic plan: CLEAR 2022

AKKA’s five-year strategic plan, CLEAR 2022, will accelerate AKKA’s growth in a booming market. With a reinforced digital offer and deeper international reach, AKKA will be more flexible and better placed to help clients address the future challenges posed by new technologies.

The strategic plan is built around a five priority axis:

CLEAR 2022

C - Customers

Build more trust, strengthen valued partnerships with new and existing key customers, proactively deliver solutions that reflect a real customer focus.

L - Leadership

Combine our world-class research, digital know-how and industrial expertise to enhance customers’ innovation potential. In doing so, we demonstrate AKKA’s leadership in innovation.

E - Excellence

Improve our productivity to allow us to deliver bigger and more transnational projects, demonstrating our worldwide excellence in delivery.

A - Attractiveness

Continue to create tomorrow’s new jobs. Supported by our AKKADEMY program and clearly defined career paths, we’ll make sure our work environments, projects and development opportunities are attractive for talent.

R - Results oriented

Work together to focus on Customers, Leadership, Efficiency and Attractiveness. In doing so, we will show a results-oriented approach that improves margins, accelerates growth, and delivers for all.

By 2022, AKKA will have achieved:

In operating profit from business operations calculated before non-recurring items and cost of stock options and free shares.







CLEAR 2022 in action: Reinforcing our aerospace capabilities in North America

AKKA is accelerating its diversification and expansion into the aerospace market in line with its CLEAR 2022 objectives through its recent acquisition of PDS Tech. Inc in the United States.

As the world’s largest aerospace market, the United States is now the third pillar of AKKA’s international expansion alongside France and Germany.

The acquisition, finalized mid November 2018, creates an innovation powerhouse for US industries by combining PDS Tech’s strong recruiting capacity with AKKA’s expertise in the fields of technologies consulting and digital solutions.