AKKAdemy International

Passionate about technologies? Join the like-minded!

Big Goals – Big Talent

Our mission: Attract “digital natives” to help us shape the future

To keep pace with this fast-changing world, we set up an International Graduate Program, providing young talents with the opportunity to build a successful career and acquire a lifelong set of consulting skills.

Our promise: Career acceleration through combining theoretical training with practical experience

In an international and professional environment, you will be mentored applying the latest in-class and on-the-job training methods created to supplement your academic background.

Our spirit: Touch Tomorrow Today

Every day, we dream, we experiment, we challenge and have fun while doing it.

‘’ AKKAdemy allowed me to meet a lot of people from all over the world. We worked together to accomplish something collectively, learning from each other while striving to create. Like during the Robot Race, when Developers implemented the code while Electronics and Mechanical Engineers did their parts, and finally, we saw the robot walking. In the end, everyone was happy with a huge smile on our faces! ‘’


Software Developer from Italy

The AKKAdemy is currently offering two graduate programs

Graduate Engineering Program

‘’ Joining AKKA Technologies and The AKKAdemy is an outstanding development opportunity. It enables you to gain an extensive understanding of international business and industries, build global connections and understand how consulting engineering firms operate. Working within the technology sector and accelerating the digital revolution is what drives me the most. Being part of The AKKAdemy means also supporting the growth of AKKA Technologies and your own personal and professional development which is great for those who are up for an adventure! ‘’

Gian Piero

Graduate Business Manager from Italy

Graduate program for engineers: key steps

What competences are required for a consultant?

‘’ Joining the AKKAdemy means fully embracing unlimited opportunities worldwide and kicking off your career in the digital space. It requires courage, flexibility, ambition, as well as true passion for technologies. Joining the AKKAdemy also means working as ONE team globally, sharing experience and expertise, to support the growth of AKKA Technologies and your own professional and personal development. ‘’

Arnaud Lemercier

Managing Director

What would you recommend to a consultant?

‘’ Professional competences aside, it is the attitude that makes an international consultant successful. To achieve a certain level of excellence in this sector you need to be agile, open-minded, curious and passionate. These are precisely the qualities we are aiming to enhance during the Graduate Engineering Program at the AKKAdemy! ‘’

Thibaut Yven

Head of Learning Experience

Current hiring priorities

How the AKKAdemy contributes to the business?