Autonomous Mobility

Engineering and Architecture of your driverless mobility solution

Autonomous Mobility - a system of systems

Full autonomous driving technologies can be applied further than the automotive industry perspectives. When it comes to known environments and pre-defined outdoor paths, an autonomous system indeed enables to reinforce the reliability and the availability of a service while reducing costs for drivers.

From cargos transportation in a production line to shuttle service in a town center, a full autonomous mobility solution stands as a system of systems and requires rigorous engineering, architecture expertise and ground experience to be properly setup.

Support in product and operation design

A full autonomous mobility solution is a complex product that includes several sub-systems:

  • The vehicle themselves and their autonomous functions
  • The fleet management system and its monitoring solutions
  • The infrastructure and its potential existing systems

They must run all together and under logistic and safety constraints. At every level, AKKA can bring methodology, manpower in product development, support in the operation setup and a strong network of suppliers’ solutions to meet the high-level requirement of the overall system.

Our strategy

To tackle the challenges behind the automatization of a mobility service, AKKA proposes two parallel processes that enable to gather ground experience while formalizing the requirements of the complete service:

  • Conduct the necessary safety and engineering analysis, to decide on the system architecture and to adapt the existing sub-systems while ensuring the compliance of the solution with the end-user requirements.
  • Using its experience and its existing IP in autonomous driving to fast develop a first product that gathers ground feedback and to challenge the system trade off.

On a short notice, the complete solution is therefore setup. The final service is then installed and all the requirements (including safety) are validated with a rigorous and transparent methodology.

Autonomous Mobility

Apr 29 2020

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Autonomous Mobility