Avionics systems

Cockpit & Avionics Design

AKKA’s  team of specialists develops and supports Flight Deck & Avionics System Engineering.

Cockpit Layout

  • Studies
  • Concept definition
  • Supplier equipment technical specification (including development follow-up, validation and qualification)
  • Verification and certification activities

Avionics systems & Equipment design

  • Operational requirement definition
  • Function/System/Equipment specification
  • HMI behavior and interfaces
  • Supplier follow-up
  • Tests, Validation and Integration
  • In-service Support

The Human Factor & Ergonomics

AKKA’s team of experts can support customers across the human factor & ergonomics domain, including:

  • Design of useful and usable systems, taking into account user characteristics and constraints and work station requirements
  • Equipment, tool  and work environment improvement
  • Operator safety, efficiency and comfort assurance
  • Overall system performance optimization

Function & Operation HMI design

  • Pilot task analysis and use case definition
  • Function HMI definition and specification
  • Mockup specification and development follow-up
  • User test: definition, preparation, execution and synthesis
  • Support to system development, safety analysis, operational documentation and certification

HMI/Layout design support

  • Analysis of human-machine interface
  • Needs analysis, specification, prototyping, mock-up evaluation
  • Measurement of usability, acceptance and utility of interface acceptance
  • Understanding and managing user errors and blocking points

Architectural / Industrial project support

  • Ergonomics studies of flow, layout organization to support architectural projects
  • Ergonomics studies for evolution of industrial process or workstations improvement in industry
  • Performance & change management
  • Human Factor certification
  • Human Factor certification strategy
  • Human Factor activities for demonstrating compliance with certification requirements
  • Human Factor test protocol (writing scenarios, observation grid, briefing human and debriefing material)
  • Factor evaluation campaigns.

Working conditions improvement and prevention

  • Risk analysis
  • Analysis & support to design workstations
  • Implementation and animation of prevention approaches

Integrated Modular Avionics (IMA)

AKKA’s wide experience in Integrated Modular Avionics (IMA) development can improve development processes (as per DO297) and new technologies, especially taking into account the sensitive topics typical of IMA.

Our expertise in ATA-42 development and certification allows us to provide support along the whole V-cycle: for gateways, computing modules and A664 networks. Moreover, similar activities can be provided for interface definition, at a whole aircraft level, including process & tool definition.

Relying on this expertise, AKKA can support the following key activities:

  • Certification approach set-up (as per DO297, AC20-170, AMC20-170, TSO-153 & ETSO-2C153)
  • IMA-specific document package definition (including templates definition, documents review and writing as per DO297 and additional recommendations)
  • Work-sharing and process definition
  • IMA platform definition (technology, architecture, specifications)
  • IMA system architecture, ATA-xx systems mapping and Interface reviews
  • ATA xx requirements formalization
  • Specific IMA safety analysis (IMA SFHA, IMASys PSSA)
  • Support for V&V strategy (work-sharing, test objectives & test cases definition)
  • Network architecture, topology review
  • Network system definition documents