Body Technology & Development Solutions

Changing market requirements and legal regulations always pose new challenges for the entire industry. In the field of body development, it is important to optimize the overall weight and performance and to increase product attractiveness. With many years of experience in a wide range of industrial sectors and as global development partner for OEMs and suppliers, we take responsibility for the development of your body system solutions.

Core competencies in Body System Solutions

  • Module Development
  • Lightweight Design
  • Development of special components like battery and f-cell frames, as well as non-automotive systems
  • System integration into modules
  • Optimization to Targets Costs, Weight, Function
  • Implementation of new technologies such as additive manufacturing, sustainable materials, hybrid materials and structures
  • Feasibility studies and concept development
  • Technical Consulting

Component development

— Component Development

— Module Development

— Lightweight Design

Augmented operator

— New Technologies

— Feasability Studies

— Technical Consulting

Potential customer value

Transparency, scope, efficiency and flexibility thanks to proven methods, tools and processes:

  • Body development driven by digital validation and optimization in an early phase
  • Development of components and entire moduls
  • Application oriented lightweight design – from improvement of existing products up to complete new concepts with focus on defined product targets
  • Feasibility and concept studies in an early phase and functional validation
  • Development and consulting services around body structures in: lightweight methods, new technologies, feasibility and manufacturability

Jan 13 2021

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Body Technology & Development Solutions