Automotive System Pentesting

Objective & context

For security based attacks Flexray is a challenging automotive bus system. Specific knowledge, timing, and experience is necessary to set up a proper environment available to attack. Therefore, almost no published attacks or test equipment for Flexray is available. The OEM requested penetration testing of an electrical power steering: manipulate messages, manipulate checksums, attack the diagnostics and coding.


  • Set up a Flexray pentesting environment (device under attack, restbus-simulation)
  • Design a custom device to perform man-in-the-middle attacks
  • Block and manipulate messages
  • Destroy checksum calculations and monitor the system behavior
  • Replay prerecord frames
  • Replay prerecord access to diagnostic and coding sessions
  • Reverse-Engineer coding protocol to prove the absence of security measures
  • Report the findings

Added value & customer benefits

  • Skills on both security & automotive matters
  • Setup of own customized test equipment