Autonomous Vehicle

Objective & context

Our clients develop sustainable and efficient mobility solutions and has created autonomous vehicles. They prototyped the first shared and autonomous on-demand mobility service in Europe.


AKKA has been trusted by clients for:

  • Coordinating a cross-functional team (plant, paint setting, laboratory, supplier, customer…).
  • Ensuring that the paint process is stable in terms of quality.
  • Doing the follow-up of the development and ensuring the conformity of specific painting means.

Added value & customer benefits

All AKKA competencies were brought together for the realization of the project and allow us to deliver an Autonomous vehicle in a short time and great budget. This project has been a great illustration about the good feasibility of knowledge of both parties in the mobility services field and innovation technologies

Contractual mode: Work package

Date & Duration: 15 January – 15 June 2018 (5 months)

Location: AKKA France (Gerswhin)

Customer site – Rouen, France

Project team: Autonomous Driving, CoC EE Automotive