Development of an IoT/ITS Test Data Management Platform

What is it?

AUTOmated driving Progressed by Internet Of Things” (AUTOPILOT) project will especially focus on utilizing the IoT potential for automated driving.

The overall objective of AUTOPILOT is to bring together relevant knowledge and technology from the automotive and the IoT value chains in order to develop IoT-architectures and platforms which will bring Automated Driving towards a new dimension.

AUTOPILOT will use, adapt and innovate current and advanced technologies to define and implement an IoT approach for autonomous and connected vehicles and then deploy, test and demonstrate IoT based automated driving use cases at several permanent pilot. AKKA developed a platform that manages all the IoT/ITS test data across pilot sites in AUTOPILOT project in order to assess and evaluate the impact of IoT on Autonomous Driving.

Objective & context

The AUTOPILOT project is all about to demonstrate how IoT can enhance the autonomous driving functionalities. In this perspective, many test sessions are organized across pilot sites in France, Spain, Finland, Netherlands, Italy & Korea.

By the end of these test sessions, data from vehicles and IoT will be collected and managed in each pilot site platform.

The main objective of this platform is to manage the collected test data following the centralized data management approach.

The platform will centralize test data from all the pilot sites and make them available for evaluators. Afterwards, AUTOPILOT evaluators will perform data analysis using the collected data.


The main features of the platform are:

  • Upload Test data
  • Monitor upload
  • Browse Test data
  • Download Test data
  • Upload results
  • Manage Metadata
  • Manage and monitor tasks

Added value & customer benefits

The contribution of AKKA in the AUTOPILOT project concerns the following aspects:

  • Centralized and distributed data management platforms
  • Collecting various data and providing the data for the evaluation
  • Scalable and secured platform based on microservice architecture
  • Harmonization of test data collection process in FOT (Field Operational Test)
  • Compliant to Festa Methodology
  • Compatible to ORDP (open research data pilot)