Avionics systems

Objective & context

Avionics system includes all electronic systems involved in:

Communications: with other A/Cs, ground stations, ATC, Radios, Satellite, cabin audio, recorders…

Navigation: positioning, approaching, Nav aids, etc.

Surveillance: A/C identification, collision avoidance systems, weather radars, etc.

Controls and displays: interface of crew members for controlling avionics systems and receiving.

This involves tasks of development, integration and certification of avionics systems for main military programs:
A400M, C295 (several versions like TS-03, SA-04, BR-02 and GBRs) and MRTT (FAF, GOS, MMF, RAAF, and RSAF).


AKKA realized all of the technical aspects:

Description documents, specification documents, installation documents, certification documents. Suppliers follow up (design reviews). Test procedures, execution and compilation of results (laboratory and ground). Problem reports (analysis and follow up). Customers’ reviews and maturity gates. Interfaces definition with other Avionics and general systems (electrics, ECS, etc.). Configuration.

Added value & customer benefits

We bring knowledge of our customers’ processes, tools and standards, multi-disciplinary team, internal schedule as well as knowledge in Systems Engineering, verification & validation methodology and regular meetings for project following up.

Date & Duration: Sept 2008 – At present

Functional Domain: A400M Systems: IFF, ISS, AMS, HF COMSEC, CCMU, RMP, GADIRS. C295: all avionics systems. MRTT: COMM and NAV systems

Tools: SNT, EPD Connect, See Expert, ICC, DOORs, Airnav, DMS, TrackDev, PFRTool, NECTAR, ABDs, I-shares, DMAT, GRESSCAM, Nshow, Albatros, BDD Tool. ABIS Tool, FTANG, PDMLink, ESDCR, NICE, DPs