What is it?

A privacy-protection proxy module for cloud-based Geographical Information Systems and Applications.

A software that acts as a control point providing on-the-fly data protection for cloud-based geographical information systems or location-based applications.

It’s part of the CLARUS consortium.



An innovative geodata protection module capable of

  • Multi-cloud data splitting,
  • Anonymisation and spatial cloaking,
  • Full enrcryption


Technical principles

A proxy-based solution consisting of

  • A privacy protection proxy running in the user-trusted area
  • Applying data protection on cloud requests and responses
  • According to a security policy defined by a dedicated actor


Key actor of the successful CLARUS project funded by the European Commission,  Expertise of our  IT teams in Cloud Computing, Geodata and Location-Based services,  Capacities in providing first-class consultancy about privacy preservation in the cloud (GDPR).