Connected tools in the Factory

Objective & context

Context: Professional portable tools manufacturers produce more and more “connected tools”. The process of this technology brings new sort of wearable displays to communicate information to the user: smartphone, smart glasses, smart watches, cameras… The improvement of production lines will be done by integrating smart tools and communication means everywhere a human accomplishes a complex task. The link between the tools, the human, and the industrial process is to be designed and realized, with the help of a software development kit (SDK).

Objectives: Provide a SDK enabling to produce industrial processes that rely on smart tools and wearable displays.


Gathering the needs of production line managers.

Designing software solutions that solve the common problems of communications, localization and automatism behaviours, to integrate various materials in an industrial process.


The C++ SDK allowing the production line designers to develop their own process with the tools they need.

Realizing some samples of industrial process, made with Qt C++. For example, a tightening controls application, linked with a Rexroth nutrunner and displaying images on an Android smartphone.