Cost Engineering

Objective & context

  • Almost all commodities out of the AfterSales belongings are to be served, with all of its various specific production matters.
  • Mostly Tier 1 suppliers.
  • Negotiation support based on technical facts and calculation targets are recommended on demand assisting the OEM buyers and AfterSales Cost Analysis Department OEM.
  • Supplier visits in order to get detailed technical information regarding the calculation, as well as negotiation at supplier locations.
  • Various different – often unspecific – cost inputs by customer and supplier.
  • Assurance of compliance matters.


  • Bottom up cost calculation based on customers (OEM) scheme.
  • Using CEs own Data bases for hourly rates and wages regarding worldwide locations.
  • Technically skilled and well soft-skilled employees regarding calculation, negotiation and consultancy matters.
  • Own calculation methods – based on REFA – and deep knowledge of the single connection within the calculation methods and structure.
  • Managed Data coordination for customer data is given by DIVA rights management for any customer relevant data.

Added value

  • Understanding and acceptance of costs in case of a transparent cost structure.
  • Medium to high savings in a range between 5% and up to 50% negotiated.
  • Flexibility on demand within a few workdays for customer orders.
  • Assurance of compliance matters.
  • Continuous delivery of MVPs (Minimum Viable Product).
  • Transparency about currently important topics and early intervention in case of variation.
  • Ensure those affected become involved (with internal and external communication).