Data analysis

Objective & context

Data analysis will be crucial with 5G technology, which will use techniques of virtualization of network functions (NFV), in addition to the fact that the infrastructures will tend to be shared between different operators and therefore there will be less direct control over the protocols and on the architecture of the network.


What our Data Analysis solutions in the field of Mobile Networks allow:

  • Automate the design processes.
  • Speed up control processes.
  • Analyze network project parameters.
  • ML(Machine Learning) algorithms for prediction of possible negative events (Network Congestion, Malfunctions, Errors).
  • Monitoring & Optimization of mobile network.
  • Measurements of QoS & QoE.
  • Automatic Analysis Reports.
  • A practical approach for event prediction based on network data through the massive collection of parameters that quantify the performance of a mobile access network (Key Performance Indicators – KPI).
  • Estimation of QoS (Quality of service) and QoE (Quality of Experience) through the analysis of network data and parameters.
  • Creation of CDR (Transport & Radio) and control of project parameters.
  • Use of algorithms for the prediction of traffic congestion events in the mobile network.
  • Development of an ML algorithm that allows the solving of the problems of coverage, through the possibility of reprogramming the powers or the pointing directions of the cells adjacent to the malfunctioning site.

Added Value

Advantages of Data Analysis & ML:

  • A large amount of data available
  • No need for expensive equipment
  • Possibility to have feedback in near real-time