Digitization forecast CO2 emissions

Objective & context

A steadily increasing variety of models, alternative engine such as hybrid / electric and ever tougher CO² fleet limits in the EU and other regions make the forecast of CO² more complex. The current solution via Excel tables can no longer meet the increasing requirements. In addition, a high manual effort is currently required to collect and maintain the data. A tight schedule also makes the project a major challenge (10 months from conception to productive version).


  • Automated collection of relevant data through intelligent matching algorithms
  • Perfect support of the process by combining individual software with flexible functionalities
  • Highly dynamic simulation for finding measures to reduce CO² emissions

Added value

  • Consulting, conception, implementation and testing from a single source
  • Many years of expertise in digitization, custom software and the specialist process at customers’ facilities
  • Our performance is completed by a UX design for maximum user acceptance