DRIVE BY WIRE Steering Wheel

What is it?


Design of an Ergonomic Steering Wheel (Drive by wire) and test performances in a virtual reality demonstrator.

Objective & context

AKKA has created an innovative and ergonomic drive by wire steering wheel, a new way to drive!

  • Drive-by-Wire steering wheel (plus the mechanical steering shaft) (patented)
  • Rotation axis offset
  • Steering angle limited to 30°
  • Greater safety in the event of an accident
  • Greater comfort, more space in the passenger compartment Enhanced driver ergonomics (hands permanently on the steering wheel irrespective of the angle of the wheels)


Simulator with multiple environments (city, neighborhood, mountain) and advanced functions (traffic simulation, vehicles physics) to improve immersivity and allow ergonomic evaluation of the steering wheel in virtual environment.

Added value & customer benefits

Driving simulator linked to a new innovative and patented steering wheel Promote the DBW wheel.

  • New design approaches for autonomous vehicles
  • How to manage the transition between the modes which will probably work together downtown
  • Allow in a safety way the transition between manual and autonomous mode on the vehicle
  • Retractable column to put the seat in the lounge mode when it is autonomous driving
  • Steering column mounted control
  • Improve steering wheel ergonomy