Driving Simulator for steering wheel

Objective & context

AKKA is working on a new innovative, ergonomic and patented steering wheel. It integrates multiple motors, a screen and an electronic card.
A physical prototype has been made for testing and it’s pluggable to a computer. Currently, it is integrated in a car simulator for evaluation.


AKKA worked on the mechatronic conception of the wheel with topological optimization, production of physical prototypes of the wheel, the integration in a first representative car simulator application with state of the art car simulators.

  • Development and adaptation of the VR simulator (in progress)
  • Integration of the prototype in this simulator (in progress)
  • Development of Immersive version of the simulator (in progress)

Added value & customer benefits

This was developed thanks to our knowledge on:

  • Unity (for first VR prototype, Unreal Engine for final version)
  • Arduino (with screen, USB and serial connections to PC)
  • ALM
  • CATIA / Hyperworks / Inspire
  • Oculus