ELVITEN EL-Vs Integrated into Transport and Electricity Networks

What is it?

Mobility of goods and people, by Internal Combustion Engines, strongly impacts the aesthetics, resiliency and sustainability of cities and urban quality of life.

Electrified L-Category Vehicles can greatly contribute to Smart Mobility in cities by reducing trip times, fuel consumption, time to find a parking place, emissions and noise. ELVITEN aims to make citizens aware about EL-Vs advantages and to provide knowledge to city managers and EL-Vs manufacturers.

Objective & context



  • 6 demonstration cities
  • Nearly 500 EL-Vs
  • At least 84,000 Trips
  • At least 26,000 Questionnaires
  • 21 partners


AKKA ICT ASSET’S developed so far for the ELVITEN Project:

  • The ELVITEN Identity Manager usign OpenID Connect
  • The ELVITEN Middleware using RabbitMQ
  • Data quality management using metadata standards
  • DataCite,
  • DDI

Added value & customer benefits

Message Brokering, Identitiy Management, Data quality management.