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What is Flexmove?

launched in January 2020, Flexmove is a road-to-rail electric vehicle that can be driven like a normal car on the road, but can also travel autonomously on railways thanks to special road-to-rail technology developed by AKKA.

The Group’s leading automotive and rail experts are working on this project, more specifically on system specifications, vehicles, road rail guidance solutions and alignment platforms, automated driving, system integration.

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Improving mobility in rural and urban areas

Our engineers set out to better connect people living in rural and urban areas, offering a flexible mobility solution adapted to their needs, leveraging underutilized or abandoned rail infrastructure.

Our first prototype has already reached speeds of 70km/h in real-life conditions during the testing phases.

The service is set to launch commercially in 2024.

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Latest news

— Flexmove supported by the Occitanie Region in France

This partnership is an important milestone and a huge step towards further development and widespread adoption of this revolutionary mobility service.

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— Flexmove obtains the i-TRANS competitiveness cluster label

A labeling which represents a major recognition of the strategic value of the project within its ecosystem and in relation to market targets and constitutes a pledge of excellence for public sector sponsors.

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