Research Partnership

What is it?

Acquisition, visualization and exploration of virtual representation of building or monument using immersive technology (Oculus).

GAIAA is a group of institutional and private actors of the New Aquitaine region of France, specialized in patrimony and innovative technologies. AKKA proposes to establish new robust, reliable and certified protocols and solutions for 3D acquisition, studying analysis over time and storage of monuments. Our first operation was made at “le monument aux Girondins” of Bordeaux with multiples capturing technologies.


  • Participation in the acquisition phase
  • Concentrate and integration of other partners data of the monument
  • Creation of the virtual model of near urban environment from Bordeaux metropole open data
  • Develop an immersive and interactive visualization tool for 3D model and 360° pictures


Mastering (with our partners) the full chain (capturing, processing, visualization) allowing virtual reconstruction of building or monument.
This can be useful for our customer for virtual visit, deported inspection, valorization, …