HUMAN MACHINE Interactions

What is it?

Allowing humans to interact with technology, through natural facial expressions and gestures they use everyday for communication, greatly improves the responsiveness and security of machines and significantly strengthens our trust in their actions and decisions.

Objective & context

Human pose estimation:

  • Estimating the location and interconnections of body parts from visual evidence
  • Deep Learning: CNN
  • Input: Standard camera or images/videos

Emotion Recognition:

  • Recognizing human emotions among the 7 universal human emotions: Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear, Surprise, Disgust & Neutral
  • Deep Learning: CNN
  • Input: Standard camera or images/videos

Business Applications:

  • Robotics (Human Services Robots)
  • Autonomous cars (Driver’s Behavior Monitoring/Pedestrian Tracking)
  • Virtual/Augmented Reality (Body Shape Reconstruction/Helping Disable People Systems)


Actually in TRL 4_Laboratory testing of prototype component or process.

Added value & Customer benefit

  • Low cost: Use of standard cameras
  • Real-Time solutions
  • Robustness: Occlusion, multi-person