Maintenance documentation Metro

Objective & context

AKKA produced the operations and maintenance documentation in English and Turkish for Istanbul.


We provided the “Operation Manual” which includes the information on driving the metro and the various operational phases, the production of the “Maintenance and Repair Manual” in the form of XML document modules based on technical files to gather all of the technical instructions for level 3 maintenance. We produced the “Troubleshooting Manual” which contains all of the information needed to track down and mend technical hitches by replacing the faulty LRU, the creation of illustrations in ISO format in accordance with the client specifications, the translation of document files into Turkish for the Istanbul metro and the creation of a DVD for printouts.

Added value & customer benefits

Producing the documentation for both metros enabled AKKA to use a common core and thus optimize production costs as well as publishing the maintenance documentation for Budapest via our document workshop to meet an urgent request from our customer.

Contractual mode: Work package

Date & Duration: 2008 – 2012

Location: Paris / Belfort / Valenciennes

Tools: Xmetal then Arbortext and ISODRAW