Mobile app for the configuration of smart e-bikes

Objective & context

Numerous e-bike functions can be controlled using the Mission Control App. Motor power and battery management are easily configured using the smart phone. In this way, the user can decide on an individual basis how they would like to distribute the electrical motor’s battery power along their route. The smart control algorithm automatically adjusts the motor power as desired. With integrated navigation and an overview of the current trip data, all valuable information is kept in view, even during the journey. The connection between e-bike and mobile device is achieved via Bluetooth. Practical for the customer: thanks to the interdisciplinary competence in the fields of vehicle development and information technology, AKKA has been able to achieve a complete system solution. The solution covers all the important project steps, from the development of the app for iOS and Android through to the connection and exact controlling of the electronic components in the e-bike.


  • App development and connection with e-bike hardware components via Bluetooth
  • Trip data, motor power and battery management at a glance
  • Adaptability of the motor assistance thanks to smart control algorithm
  • Integrated navigation function and interactive route planner
  • Cooperation with online platform Strava for analyzing and sharing trip data

Added value & customer benefits

  • Definition of the operating concept, the graphic composition and the design
  • Agile process management from brainstorming to implementation
  • Continuous development and implementation of functions in cooperation with the customer