Nuclear project

Objective & context

After the events in Fukushima, AKKA was asked to construct 4 emergency diesel power generators as well as to produce managing contracts. We also worked on supporting and defending contractually the project team.


We also managed civil engineering contracts, general contractual follow-up, follow-up relations with suppliers, follow-up emails, letters, development of dashboard, report to operational staff, identification of contractual breaches, participation in meetings with the suppliers and managing the extra work. AKKA managed the claims submitted by the suppliers with the aim of defending the interests of the customer; manage costs and deadlines with strict applications of the contract during the negotiations, as well as the contracts culture implantation toward the Project team.

Added value & customer benefits

The project’s team was very satisfied to have a Contract Manager in order to support and defend them contractually in all their decisions which helped them avoid any claim by the suppliers.

Contractual mode: Expert on demand

Date & Duration: 2016-2018 – 30 months