Operational Project Management SPF / AVM scope

Objective & context

As part of the site’s decontamination and decommissioning activities, the Customer’s Department is responsible for the definition and management of the decontamination and decommissioning programs piloting related programs as well as monitoring projects and reports to clients. The Project Manager is assisted by managers. He spreads his missions and responsibilities on the many physical or thematic perimeters of the SPF/AVM project. To carry out its various activities, the SPF / AVM project had to establish Operational Assistance.


  • Mission of operational project management:

Mastery of documentation, Communication, Planning, Coordination contract, spread of project documentation, Manage meetings, Mission to the Studies, Mastery of input data, basic, Follow-up of studies.

  • Mission Works contracts:

Monitoring of construction sites and supplies.

Mission on Safety, Security, Environment, Human Organizational Factor, Mission to establish REX, Waste / Transportation Mission and Diagnosis Management Asbestos and Lead, Mission relating to the control of the service providers.

Assistance with procurement (DCE / Requirements), Control of contracts / Supervision and receipt of benefits, Follow-up of the contract positions of the Industrial Operator.

Added value & customer benefits

AKKA provided a versatile team and flexible for the achievement of project management missions.

Contractual mode: GMEC AKKA/ECP

Date & Duration: 3 years fixed (2017-2019) + 2 years in option (2020 and 2021)

Project team