Platoon Traffic Light Assist using IOT

What is it?

The Platooning Traffic Lights Assist is responsible for the supervision of a running platoon. It provides decisions and advices that will help the platoon to cross a set of traffic lights and to follow a predefined itinerary.

This PoC represents the development of a cloud service named Traffic Light Assist (TLA) that enables Platooning for automatic fleet rebalancing in the city center of Versailles.


The mission of AUTOPILOT is to bring together relevant knowledge and technology from the automotive and IoT value chains in order to develop IoT architectures and platforms which will bring Automated Driving to a new dimension.
In the French Pilot site test case, the platoon use case is divided into several steps. This PoC concerns one of the steps that needs traffic light assistance. Traffic Light Assist gives feedbacks to driver of the lead vehicle of the platoon.
Traffic lights information are gathered in the IoT platform and used by a supervision component deployed in the cloud to provide decision to the platoon crossing several intersections with Traffic Light.
During the platoon, vehicles send their speed and position to the Sensinov OneM2M platform and Road Sign Units send the traffic lights status. Those information are collected by our cloud service in order to process them.
As a result, a recommended decision is sent to the OneM2M platform in order to be processed by the vehicle. Thus the leading vehicle can decide whether to stop the convoy or not, in order to avoid vehicles to separate.


Actually in TRL 5_Laboratory testing of integrated system.


  • Mix data from autonomous cars and traffic lights to improve crossing traffic-light intersection of the platoon,
  • Enhance the vehicle’s understanding of its environment with IoT sensors enabling safer highly automated driving,
  • Process in Real-time IoT data to supervise the platoon convoy,
  • Use OneM2M as an open IoT platform.