Post-process engineering

Objective & context

This supplier provides parts for a third of every car manufactured worldwide. It is present on the inside of the world’s best-selling cars, providing the interior equipment for more than 500 different models.

They dominate the complete product cycle: conception, validation, industrial process, assembly and sequenced delivery of the product.

Indoor panels scope door panels in numerous and diverse variants, integrating a large variety of technologies (injection, spray-skin, thermoforming, ultrasonic welding, hot-riveting).


Management of the industrial planning, production devices, tooling and preparation stages:

  • Concept definition.
  • Concept validation.
  • Production validation.
  • Production launching.

Feasibility of the Product related to the technologies selected.

Commissioning and support at Customer facilities.

Added value & customer benefits

AKKA provides high expertise in door panel post-process technologies:

  • Welding / riveting: Ultrasonic, High frequency, Vibration
  • Covering: Vacuum with films (PVC… Pressing covering, In mould graining)
  • Cutting: Lasser, Waterjet, Hot knife, PunchinEdge wrapping with Ultrasonics, Hot air welding, Glue application

High Autonomy.

Date & Duration: 2013 – Current

Functional Domain: Industrialization

Service Level: Technical Assistance

Tools: MS Office, PLM Siemens Teamcenter. AutoCAD. AKKA’s Team, 3 FTE