Smart Bertone

The zero-emissions F1 for cities

Power, style & zero emission

What is it ?

SB Project

Our ambition was to boost the power of a small city car in order to compete with the most famous Sports car, transforming it into a F1 of cities.

And that with zero emissions of course!

Take a bunch of passionate engineers, combine the quality of the Germans, the meticulousness of the French and the creativity of the Italians and you get the Smart Bertone – an electric car based on a Smart, whose power has been more than doubled (280HP), the acceleration increases from 11,2s to 5,2s to reach 100km/h and the style is completely modified!

The concept of this car is based on F1, which uses a KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) to recover energy during the braking phase and restores it during the acceleration phase.

The German team was responsible for the integration of the KERS with two engines in the front wheel hubs for optimized and efficient propulsion control, the French team adapted the ground connections and the Italian vehicle design team through the Bertone brand.

A partnership with Elaphe, a Slovenian hub-motor manufacturer, and KW Suspensions, one of the best suspension manufacturer of the world, allowed AKKA to build a high-quality boosted Smart ForTwo.

AKKA built in house the boost-battery, programmed the BMS (Battery Management System), an important part of the KERS-System and integrated with the support of Elaphe, the in-wheel motors, from a mechanical point of view, high-voltage point of view, low-voltage point of view and software point of view.

The vehicle has been entirely styled by Bertone and implemented at AKKA’s infrastructures.

Although in this project the objective was to integrate a boost system (KERS) into an existing vehicle, its completion and performance in terms of both power and handling on the road demonstrate that the integrated technologies and know-how of our engineers and designers are applicable to many more applications such as the following:

  1. A hybridization response that can easily be integrated into existing combustion vehicle platforms to bring them into line with new anti-pollution standards
  2. A strengthening of the positioning of zero-emission portfolio to attract segments of customers who need support in their electrification challenge, by reconciling the emotion and the carbon footprint & by further improving the vehicle’s stability and range
  3. An expertise in the design and development of systems such as energy storage.
  4. The possibility of designing more compact urban vehicle platforms offering more transport capacity, flexibility of layout whether in pilot mode or autonomous driving thanks to the in-wheel motor technology freeing space within the passenger compartment
  5. A significant expertise is Styling & Design through our brand Bertone.