Lightened suspension arm

What is it?

Application of the methodology developed in SESAM project, for lightening structures using topological optimization, design for additive, manufacturing and lattice structure.

For lightening the suspension arm, the following steps were driven:

  1. Original sheet metal welded suspension arm analysis
  2. Design space definition for topological optimization. The optimization consists of minimizing the weight by constraining some displacements, stresses, frequency responses and the additive manufacturability
  3. Design reconstruction for additive manufacturing: interpreting topological optimization results using Ossmooth and Inspire 2018
  4. Tightening structures with an infill of lattice structure using Materialize 3-matic
  5. Prototyping the design by using 3D printing for validating the manufacturability
  6. Subcontracting the additive manufacturing of the latticed structure using SLM process

Internal tests for the moment.


Minimizing the weight of the structure, decreasing the consumption of energy and limiting the CO2 emission.