Smart 3D Regio

A 3D virtual reality environment built upon real world data - Improving virtual validation technologies

What is it?

Improving virtual validation technologies supported by a defined process using an MBSE approaches to develop a virtual world, based on real data.


The goal of the Smart 3D Regio project is to develop and test a 3D virtual reality environment that is built upon real world data to use it for virtual validation.
In this project multiple databases containing information of the German city Ingolstadt were used to partly rebuild the city Ingolstadt in virtual reality. To enable an automated process of building up 3D Models out of real data in the future, a process has been developed with the prototyped implementation.
The process contains the toolchain, datatype conversions and a full description of the model in SysML. In the next step, autonomous driving algorithms are developed and implemented in the 3D environment. The important point is to represent all features in the 3D model which the different algorithms and sensors will need to navigate through the environment.
Finally, the algorithms need to be tested concerning their functionality in the 3D model to specify new requirements for a virtual 3D environment. Thus, the initial goal will be reached to improve virtual validation methods in the field of autonomous driving.


Actually in TRL 4_Laboratory testing of prototype component or process.


  • Improve virtual validation with a virtual world based on real world data
  • Using a consistent MBSE approach to generate virtual world