Smart-manufacturing for a major player of medical devices

Objective & context

AKKA Life Sciences is supporting a major player in the Medical Devices sector in its project to transform a manual production line into a fully automated production line: “Plant of the Future”. This project uses our expertise in complex project management, innovation, robotization, automation, and digital. This project is strategic for our client because it will serve as a pilot to validate the first robotic, automated and digital transformation of a line, which it will then duplicate on its 40 other production sites in the world.


Within the Engineering Maintenance offer, we created a special offer that combines expertise on Life Sciences equipment and the transformation of a highly mechanical industrial tool into a more automated and more digital one. This includes the preliminary studies, the support to order and integrate the new robots and the support to the realization.

A multidisciplinary team (Pharmacy, Automotive, Medical Devices, Pharmacy, Infrastructure …) has been put in place. The management of this project is carried out by a Life Sciences project manager, senior and expert in equipment maintenance (this domain).

Added value

The methodological approach, the support and the decision support tools proposed by AKKA Life Sciences allows the customer to make appropriate and smart technological choices regarding the equipment and organization.

Our teams combine expertise with very high added value in specific areas (automation, robotics, digital, etc.), as well as a strong knowledge in the pharmaceutical or biotechnology sector and their technical, regulatory and quality constraints with very senior project management.