Submarine S-80 PLUS – Safety assessment

Objective & context

The S-80 Plus is a new class of submarine entirely developed by the customer as a strategic project.

We are developing innovative designs concerning the submarines’ AIP system (Air Independent Propulsion) with chemical storage and reaction.

Safety assessment policy has been a primary focus from 2009. Safety is part of all new customer programs; safety platforms are intended to be completely integrated with safety management systems running in system installations, interfaces and operations.


  • Safety Management
  • Hazard log tracking system
  • Hazard Material assessment
  • Leading PHA, SSHA, O&SHA, ZHA analysis
  • Risk Reduction actions proposal
  • ALARP justification
  • System integration
  • Safety case development
  • Deterministic Safety Assessment, Requirements verification

Added value & customer benefits

We offer high expertise in safety management, deployment of new processes, expertise in risk management, multidisciplinary solutions coordination as well as V&V and lifecycle monitoring. AKKA has worked on this project since 2015 and we are ongoing partners in its development.