Technologies for autonomously piloted driving at over 120 mph

Objective & context

AKKA engineers’ expertise encompasses numerous technologies – the configuration of the hardware, the programming of the software and the development of the human-machine-interfaces (HMI). Thus a unique service portfolio is fashioned, one that has even led to technical milestones since 2011. This includes the piloted driving concept which has autonomously mastered different racing tracks in Germany, USA and Spain at speeds of more than 120 mph. AKKA has, amongst other things, developed a longitudinal dynamics controller which takes the car to the desired speed and which adjusts even the smallest deviation in the tires, brakes or road profile. During the demonstration, the vehicle behavior was additionally monitored in real time to provide the trade press and other VIPs an impressive and safe driving experience. The AKKA engineers were always a part of the project team, and at times busy for weeks at the racing tracks.


  • Piloted driving at high speed on the racing track in front of the trade press from all over the world
  • Development of a longitudinal and lateral control algorithm for optimal driving behavior
  • Execution of numerous tests to the physical limit
  • Monitoring the vehicle behavior in real time

Added value & customer benefits

  • Support from engineers throughout the whole developmental process
  • Virtual modelling of the project prior to implementation for the efficient examination of technical feasibility
  • Participation in test drives and expert support during international demonstration events