Traction system

Objective & context

AKKA defined all of the traction system support items while optimizing maintenance costs.


We worked on different aspects of the project:

  • Drafting of the ILS plan
  • Participation in the writing of component specifications (ILS requirements)
  • Definition of preventive and corrective maintenance plans and lists of spare parts
  • Definition of maintenance costs
  • Drafting of Maintenance Task Analyses along with associated illustrations
  • Definition of maintenance-related needs in tooling and consumables
  • Writing of the tooling and PRHST (Packing, Resources, Handling, Storage and Transport) files
  • Drafting of the troubleshooting manuals
  • Definition of consignment batches
  • Creation of maintenance training media
  • Follow-up and updating of ILS deliverables (e.g. Design Office modifications)

Added value & customer benefits

AKKA optimized the lead times by setting up an integrated RAMS / ILS/ DOC team to handle all the activities.

Contractual mode: Work package

Date & Duration: July 2010 – 2013

Location: France (Tarbes)

Technical environment: Traction system / Equipment Tools used: CATIA, Microsoft Office