Vehicle benchmarking structure

Objective & context

The client needed support at the concrete benchmarking of different cars (brands and factories all over the world). He got a lot of information for every single part of the cars. The challenge was to bring all these information together and identify parts or function where money can be saved. His main target is a structure that almost guarantees development efficiency. Therefore, the client defined three work packages.

The first work package was the so called 60er list. The 60er list is used for the transparency and comparability of development costs, project costs and consulting costs. This detailed analysis per cost block for derivation of abnormalities was already prepared per brand. But the different companies/brands did not work together to gain economies of scale, especially in purchasing.

The list was discussed and finally decided (lead brand) with all participating brands, but the coordination results should be at 90%.

The second work package was the best practice portfolio.  A group development efficiency concept was prepared to reduce the developments costs of the group. The best practices of all brands were collected to proof the possibility of adoption for other brands.

The third work package was a development of a roadmap to increase the efficiency and reduce the development costs during the planning sessions.

A quick win was necessary.


Reduction of the development and transaction costs, strengthening of the competitiveness.

Added value

Agile project management through the whole development-process.

Coordination of the adjustments and activities between the specialized brands through in the group. Furthermore suitable measures were identified and implemented while the project progress was documented and communicated.