IoT Platform serving Manufacturing 4.0

What is it?

Open IoT integration and data streaming architecture for prediction of failure risks. Platform of sensors to monitor data, that can be used by AI.


This platform is a solution to the constraints and needs of the industry.

It allows to implement and manage a local sensors network, with 3 levels of configuration abstractions (data, sensor and sensor node).

It offers the ability to use the edge/fog computing, at two different levels:

  • In the sensor node (ex: detection of vibration level or anomaly vibration using accelometer and FFT algorithm)
  • In the Gateway (ex : Brightness sensor can provide a huge quantity of data, this flow can be processed by the gateway, after that the results (min/max and average) are sent to the AI)


  • Can implement long and short range wireless protocol technologies.
  • And the RFID for the logistic’s needs.
  • Possibilities to integrate ‘standard’ IoT Platform who can make a link between the locals IoT networks with AI deployed inside the cloud.


This IoT platform attempts to provide the AI with data, efficiently using the sensors with necessary data bandwidth.