CAx Applications

Connecting the unconnected

In recent years the product range at our clients increased significantly. Parallel to that, the product development cycle decreased in time. Overall, the complexity is increasing in a quick manner. Handling this challenge is only possible by automizing more and more elements in the product development process that used to be carried out by hand. The enablers of this are CAx software and applications.

CAx software and CAx applications

The spectrum of CAx covers the fields of Computer Aided Design (CAD), Engineering (CAE), Manufacturing (CAM) and more. For all of these areas third-party software tools with extensive functionality can be found. These tools can be summarized by the term CAx software (e.g. CATIA V5 and Siemens NX as common CAD software). Any additional software to the off-the-shelf product, such as an addon, macro or application is characterized as a CAx application.

Why additional applications?

The idea is to connect the unconnected (tools) and therefore realize unknown potential in the product development process. This is possible by making use of the CAx software`s “back door”, the socalled application programming interface (API). With the help of the API a bidirectional exchange of data and tasks is possible.

Potential customer value

  • Connecting CAx domain knowledge with IT proficiency
  • Reducing product development time and costs
  • Ensuring quality standards
  • Maximizing performance
  • Connecting third-party software with self-developed modules
  • Integration of optimization and machine learning
  • System independence: CAD (Siemens NX, Catia V5, etc.), CAE (ANSA, 3DCS, Matlab, Adams, etc.), Databases (Oracle, Access, etc.), Python, C#, XML, etc.
  • Desktop/Web/Mobile
  • Realizing unknown potential
  • Over ten years of expertise

Aug 20 2020

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CAx Applications