Innovative solutions and state-of-the-art engineering define the services provided by AKKA.

The complex nature of products in the 21st century necessitates robust documentation and brings about interconnected requirements. Due to the long lifecycle of these products, they also need to meet the standards of the future. The typically employed methodologies and tools quickly reach their limits when developing complex cross-sector functions and ensuring the highest quality standards that are required in the fields of aerospace and defense. Our multidisciplinary teams deliver top-quality engineering services covering the complete development cycle.

Our added value

  • Our multi-disciplinary teams deliver top-quality engineering services covering the complete development cycle
  • From research and development of next-generation military and civil systems to in-service support, our agile teams can tackle long-term and complex projects
  • Our experts are leading the way in the development of complex aircraft and naval systems using innovative methods like MBSE (model-based system engineering)


  • >280 experts dedicated to aerospace, defense and naval
  • Facilities compliant with military security requirements
  • Close collaboration with numerous authorities; many type certifications worldwide
  • Main departments: Bremen, Hamburg, Manching, Donauwörth
  • Security clearance from German authorities
  • Automation of test procedures
  • Big data analysis and artificial intelligence


Model Based Systems Engineering

— Model Based Systems Engineering

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