Concept Development Future Interior

While sitting in a car, your first view is the cockpit. For every vehicle driver this is the flagship. But when thinking of future mobility you will stumble across new use cases for cockpits and interiors. With new mobility concepts, the vehicles’ interior is undergoing a change towards a living room and wellness lounge. With more screens and less buttons we need to represent existing functions and integrate even new ones. At the same time the operation must be user friendly, intuitive and comfortable. AKKA is your partner to take this challenge in every aspect and bring your ideas to life.

Core competencies in Interior Development

  • Research of new use cases and User Experience (UX) development
  • Styling development and support for overall design language of your product
  • Ergonomics layout and optimization
  • 3D design of parts and components, as well as integration and combination to modules
  • IT integration and Software development of media and operating functions
  • Optimization of current safety concepts and implementation and guarantee of further legal safety requirements
  • Simulation and Testing – virtual and in hardware
  • Manufacturing support to enhance your assembly and production
  • Prototyping of single components up to fully functional Interior seating bucks and Class-A trade fair models
  • Feasibility studies and concept development

Potential customer value

Transparency, scope, efficiency and flexibility thanks to proven methods, tools and processes:

  • Long established Project Management accompanying the whole product development process to secure quality, timing and cost efficiency
  • Styling proposals in material and finish to react on customer wishes and needs
  • Ergonomics development to give the highest comfort and ensure operability in every use case
  • Development of complete new components from scratch or improvement of existing concepts with focus on defined product targets
  • Not only following trends but creating new ones with our AKKA Research
  • Department and strong connection to science facilities and universities

Jan 26 2021

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Concept Development Future Interior