Connectivity – the car as a mobile data center

Digital Services: Part of any modern vehicle

The vehicle of today is part of a global digital network. There is a continuous data flow between vehicle and infrastructure. The B2B mobility service portfolio, including fleet management, vehicle services such as OTA diagnosis and OTA updates are growing successively and sustainably. The same is true for consumer functions such as internet radio or map services.

When it comes to autonomous driving and E-drive, connectivity serves as the basis for added-value functionalities. Connectivity is the key technology for the mobility of the future. While considering all relevant security profiles, we develop the functionalities of tomorrow’s vehicles, together with our clients.

Vehicle connectivity

At the convergence of the automotive industry and the digital economy, AKKA promotes innovation that addresses the challenges of connectivity in the mobility sector. We work on specific projects in our own R&D center to develop effective technologies and help our clients cope with challenges revolving around safety and security.

We merge our expertise in parts (Telematics Control Unit, On Board Unit, Antennas, RSU-Road Side Unit, VXU…), mobile devices, data handling and HMI to enable various functions:

Device management, such as the use of smartphone as TCU through Bluetooth / Wi-Fi.

Connectivity: we provide engineering support to OEMs on Telematics and Connected Car systems.

Advanced Mobility: we work on improving connectivity between car/tablet/smartphone /Internet of Things, and have developed a concept demonstrator.

V2X Infrastructure and Security: definition of Security Functions, Network simulation platform, Connectivity Security Concept, Connected Car embedded systems, Use Case.

Online Services and applications: development, integration and testing of server-based mobile online services for embedded systems, as well as functional ownership of mobile online services.

  • Intuitive tactile interface, based on spatial memorization
  • Smart and connected speedometers
  • «Augmented virtuality» application for demonstration of car analyzing capacitie
  • Gesture recognition for rear passengers
  • «Connectivity box» allowing the passengers to interact with the car and between them
  • Carpooling application based on social networks
  • Augmented reality
  • Motion sensor and gestural
  • Touchscreen
  • Connective Security Concept
  • Safety and RAMS analysis