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1,122.7 M€

revenue in 2016


in Europe, Asia, America, Africa, Middle East




centers of excellence

AKKA Technologies: Introduction

As a consulting and engineering Group and European leader in the mobility segment, AKKA Technologies operates in 20 countries through 21 centers of excellence. Our goal is to offer you the best in service and expertise.

Driven by innovation and a passion for technologies, AKKA Technologies combines an entrepreneurial spirit with a visionary strategy. Our strength is that we understand the challenges our clients face. We assist them throughout the product development process, no matter how complex their visions are. Our remarkable positioning with our in-house research center AKKA Research and our unique Franco-German axis qualifies us to be a leader on the global market.



A Brand Strategy based on excellence and complementarity

Thanks to the expertise of its 13,252 Innovation Leaders, AKKA Technologies is able to meet the needs of major contractors. For the past 30 years, the Group's development policy has been based on a balanced strategy aiming at strengthening our value-added solutions and integrating, through our acquisitions, the best market-oriented solutions. The AKKA Group can thus apply its unique expertise to very different sectors.

Thanks to the acquisitions of MBtech and Aeroconseil, both engineering and consulting service providers respectively specialized in the automotive and the aeronautics sectors, AKKA Technologies confirms its european leadership in the mobility sector. The AKKA Group recently aquired the German company Auronik, a pioneer in infotainment and navigation technologies for the automotive market, and the Oil& Gas companies Epsco & Corialis, both process engineering specialists.

Network of brands

Aeroconseil: 2011 - Joined the Group
Recognized aeronautical engineering company  along the whole life cycle of aircraft.

MBtech: 2012 - Joined the Group
International automotive engineering company (Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, Turkey, China, United States)

Proceda: 2012 - Joined the Group
Fulfillment of highest expectations to car modeling, clay models, production of concept cars and show cars.

Auronik: 2014 – Joined the Group
Leading supplier of infotainment and navigation technology for the automotive industry

Business consulting at the interface between customers’ strategic view and the operational implementation

AKKA Digital Solution
Creative people managing digital transformation

Epsco: 2015 - Joined the Group
International provider of technical management services, recruitment and outsourcing project solutions to the oil & gas industry

Corialis: 2015 - Joined the Group
Consulting specialist for the Oil and Gas industry, specifically in engineering, exploration, construction and exploitation

Over 30 years of innovation

AKKA Technologies has a long and rich history in global technology engineering, IT consulting and international project management.

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