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Akka Technologies in Italy

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AKKA Italy is a key partner for the Italian industrial leaders in the Automotive, Railway, Aeronautics, Space & Defence, Life Sciences and Oil & Gas sectors.


Our skillful teams offer top-level competence in consulting, engineering and project expertise, supporting strategic decisions and on-site project management.


With a deep knowledge of each business sector and a concrete ability to create innovation, we propose real values to the clients, for a continuous updating and improvement of technologies, as for development, design and manufacturing of specific systems and products.




+ 50 M€
+ 700 employees
Bologna, Milan, Poggibonsi, Pomezia, Rome, Turin, Udine



Our very own Engineering Centre in Italy counts five sectors of excellence:
Automotive, Railway, Aeronautics - Space & Defence, Life Sciences, Oil & Gas.

Automotive Akka Italy


AKKA Italia’s services in the automotive development process start with research and development, focus on program management, series development and variant application, and extend to manufacturing engineering, production planning and after sales.



A specific organization aiming at innovating the rail industry and an efficient transfer of other sectors technologies through AKKA research with a truly multidisciplinary approach and a global know-how recognized on the entire V-cycle of projects.



AKKA Italia ensures a complete line of services, by providing highly qualified specialist consulting aligned with the specific client project phase.
Throughout the development cycle, our teams apply their skills to various areas such as embedded systems, software, mechanical and structural design, simulators and simulation, electronics, signal processing, aerodynamics as well as integration and test bench.



AKKA Italia assists players in the Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Healthcare and Biotechnological process industries in developing their future products. AKKA offers its Life Sciences engineering and consultancy services to assist them through the changes, thanks to the well-known experience of the incorporated company CTP SYSTEM: www.ctpsystem.com

OIL & GAS Akka Italy


AKKA Italia has a deep knowledge of the Oil & Gas environment and challenges. Therefore, we combine our multiple skills to those of our incorporated brands such as EPSCO, with complete teams for Engineering, Drilling Management, Shutdown Services, Decommissioning: www.epsco-group.com.

Success stories and project references

AKKA Italy was assigned a major software project with a leading railway company in Bologna in 2013. We take care of the configuration tool for Railway Signalling Systems (interlocking systems) management, from track plan layout to complete hardware configuration and data application definition. Our team is entirely responsible for the software development V-cycle, from requirement analysis and data collection to the final delivery to the customer. AKKA Italy initially started with software development projects in Bologna back in 2008.


SuccessStories Railway

Cooperative robots can work together with human operators in order to reduce manufacturing time, improve ergonomic work conditions and increase the overall quality of operations. For this project, our team of AKKA experts cooperates with the R&D Centre of Excellence for an automotive client in Piemont. It is about defining the potential installation of cooperative robots in automotive production lines. In order to identify where and how cooperative robots can be placed, the development of this project involved analysing the business case as well as legislative and financial issues, identifying operations with potential for cost reduction and ergonomic enhancement. The project is ongoing.



Designing a new windshield to make a cockpit as both light and robust as possible was the goal of this project, AKKA Italia developed for a leading aeronautics company in Varese. The objective was to design a windshield, able to resist a high speed impact of an object during the flight and thus obtain the certificate of airworthiness for a helicopter. This typical aeronautics project incorporated the simulation of a bird’s collision with the helicopter windshield, in order to predict the structural responses and failure modes to the impact.

The project required analyzing similar installations, materials and manufacturing processes in order to identify the best solution. Our team managed the complete development and certification in cooperation with the client’s design engineers and the supplier for structural testing laboratories.

Our activities included:

  • Crash and bird impact FEM simulation (Finite Element Method)
  • Tensile and bending tests at the customer structural testing laboratory
  • Bird impact tests on representative elements in order to assess bonding and joint strength
  • Certification tests
  • Development of an optimized winshield in respect to weight, transparency and impact resistance

The AKKA Italia team offered its expertise in simulation, structural design activities and bird strikes. Our solution is now up and running and met the client’s high expectations during the certification procedure. This new windshield is now one of the lightest in its category.


SuccessStories Aeronautics

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In AKKA Italia you can be part of a network of technology enthusiasts and experts involved every day in challenging projects.
Want to do a professional experience that allows you to accelerate your career and improve your personal growth?
If you are a recent graduate or a skilled professional, with AKKA you will find the right project to make the most of your aspirations and your ambitions.
We offer career paths that can be developed on different axes: technology, management or business.

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