Czech Republic

Our engineers and designers invent the technologies of the future

When manufacturers of cars, aircraft, or other technologies need advice, they come to us.

With more than 500 people, we cooperate with leading technical universities in the Czech Republic and are a well-known and sought-after employer of choice. We provide internships and long-term student part-time jobs to both students and graduates and train new generations of talented technicians.

While others lose direction, we offer solutions. We specialize in developing, testing and establishing the production of modern transport equipment, drive units and transmissions, control systems and software solutions, and will continue to do so. The services of our consultants and experts focus on the demands of large industrial companies, as well as on developing tailor-made solutions for small and medium-sized companies that require a combination of high engineering skill and workforce agility.

We bring together innovative ideas from the best Czech technical universities with the involvement of innovators, adding our unique engineering know-how to AKKA’s global offering.

Key Dates

— 1996

A Daimler subsidiary under the name Mercedes Benz Engineering was established in Prague. Its core mission was to provide Daimler development centers with engineering services, i.e. product, component, system and tool development services. Later, Mercedes Benz Engineering was renamed MBtech Bohemia and became part of the German MBtech Group, at that time also owned by Daimler.

— 2004

Because we also want to produce what we develop, we founded the Prototyping Center in Pilsen in 2004. Here, masterpieces are made: prototypes. The Pilsen Center is unique in our whole group.

— 2012

A 65% stake in MBtech Group was acquired by the pre-eminent French company AKKA Technologies, one the world's leading service providers in automotive, aerospace, defense and transport industries. Daimler retained 35%.

— 2018

In September 2018, this stake was sold to AKKA technologies that became 100% owner of MBtech.

Régis Sandrin

CEO Germany & Central Europe

After his education at l’Ecole des Mines, Régis started his career as a technical engineer in the automotive industry. He first joined AKKA in 2002 as a Business Manager, and then became Key Account Manager for Group automotive sales. After 8 years as Global Sales Director for Lighting Systems at Valeo, he returned to AKKA in 2011 as Vice President of its Automotive Division. Régis has been working within AKKA Germany since 2013, first as Vice President MBtech and COO of BU Germany before becoming CEO of AKKA Germany in July 2018.

Petra Suchá

Director of Human Resources

After her studies at the Law Faculty and a one-year internship in an attorney's office, Petra began her career in the area of Human Resources. She joined AKKA in 2009 and since then she has been working in the Human Resources Department, holding the role of HR Director since January 1,2016. Petra speaks fluent English and German.

Jochen Hagel

Director of Vehicle Engineering and Electrics&Electronics

After working in various positions in MBtech Germany and most recently as Senior Manager in Electronics Consulting, Jochen joined MBtech Bohemia in 2012 as Director of Electrics & Electronics. From 2015 onward, he has held the position of Director of Vehicle Engineering & EE. Since 2016, Jochen has also been in charge of all business related fields in MBtech Bohemia.

Jaroslav Novák

Director of Powertrain/eDrive & Testing

Jaroslav graduated from the Czech Technical University with a master’s degree in combustion engines. He joined AKKA as a powertrain designer in 1998. Since then, he has worked in different positions in powertrain development. Jaroslav was appointed Head of Powertrain/eDrive & Testing in 2015.

Václav Mach

Head of the Prototyping Centre

Václav Mach worked in the Czech subsidiary of a German family-owned international company for 11 years, 9 of which he spent as a production manager and member of top management. In 2018, he accepted a new career challenge to join AKKA as the Head of the Prototyping Center in Pilsen, CZ. In his new job, he utilizes and continues to develop his deep experience in leading non-serial production of highly customized products and services. He speaks Czech, English and German.

Our solutions

Going forward, an essential part of our strategy is an emphasis on efficient project management. We have even defined a new offering in this area: engineering project management.

Our wide range of specializations allows us to view technological issues from different perspectives, including the unconventional and multidisciplinary. Our world is not just one of technical drawings and computer simulations. With us, ideas become reality.

We are pleased to offer the full global range of AKKA services to our customers in the Czech Republic:

  • Digital
  • Automotive industry
  • Aerospace industry
  • Rail industry
  • Defense industries
  • Agriculture & mining technologies
  • Forestry & garden technologies
  • Handling technologies

Some projects

Development Of A New Construction Series Of Engines For Universal Mounting, 2009-2017

MBtech Bohemia supplies and services a new series of engines to be mounted in cars longitudinally and transversely, and has driven the development and creation of concepts, systems, functional groups and parts. Two generations of 4-cylinder gasoline engine were developed for universal mounting in several types of vehicle platforms, including the 4×2 and 4×4 drive. To develop this universally mountable type of engine, the MBtech Bohemia team cooperated with the customer’s development teams from the very beginning to the final product, including the preparation of serial assembly of individual types of units.

Our locations


Development Center – Headquarter

Nárožní 1400/7
CZ – 158 00  Praha 13 – Stodůlky


Prototyping Center – Place of Business

Daimlerova 1161/6
301 00 Pilsen


Development Center – VTP 6th River

Teslova 3
301 00 Pilsen


Development Center – VTP 6th River

Teslova 5/D1
301 00 Pilsen


Development Center

Vodkova 80/3
293 01 Mladá Boleslav


Development Center

Hodkovická 135

CZ – 463 12  Liberec XXIII


Development Center – Piano

Lidická tř. 2331/6a
370 01 České Budějovice


MBtech Bohemia, , s. r. o.

Prototyping Centre – Place of business

Daimlerova 1161/6

301 00 Pilsen – Skvrňany

Give us a call: (+420) 251 050 300

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Company Identification Number: 654 16 082

Tax Identification Number: CZ65416082

We are taxable by VAT.

Bank details

Account Number: 115-2528360257, IBAN CZ7001000001152528360257 payments in CZK Account Number: 115-2528370287, IBAN CZ8401000001152528370287 payments in EUR Swift : KOMBCZPPXXX

Komerční banka: Na Příkopě 33/969, Prague 1

Commercial Register

We are registered as an ltd company in the Commercial Register kept by the Regional Court in Pilsen, Section C, Insert 17260. Registration date: 9th May 1996

Registration at the Office for Personal Data Protection

We are registered as a personal data administrator with the Office for Personal Data Protection, registration number 00042840

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