Digital Consulting

360° IT Requirements and Test Management

A rising demand to put cutting edge and glitch free software solutions with a steady stream of improvements on the market, is challenging traditional industry. Skilled workforce is a scarce resource and underlining the importance of using them in the most efficient way without sacrificing on quality or time to market. Many companies are also lacking experience in terms of managing software system development and how to connect fast-paced customer demand to a reliable working product.

As a business architect, we are directly at the interface between business
and IT:

Main challenges for our clients

  • Lack of agile project mindset and difficulties to adapt to short-term changes
  • Deficit in trained project managers combining elementary hard and soft skills
  • Deficit in product owners understanding of the disciplines project and requirements management and system development
  • Deficit in IT project experience and developer’s business understanding or customer focus
  • Unknown methodology and lack of support infrastructure
  • Missing or unclear target definition from relevant stakeholders
  • Lack of or inadequate requirements consideration from stakeholders

Our Benefits

Delivering clear and measurable results to our clients is core of our DNA. With our 360° IT requirements and test management approach, we form a holistic, supporting building block in your requirements process and catalyze your system launch. With our support and experience we help you to:

  • increase project success rate and shorten time to market
  • accelerate communication and information between stakeholder groups
  • professionalize project management methods for both agile and classic projects
  • build up a requirements and test management approach to all in-house produced products or sourced systems
  • train and build complete reskilling programs to enable employees to take on new roles within the field of requirements engineering and testing
  • drive digital transformation and implement standards for requirements and test management
  • establish a customized toolbox of methodology based on real-life experience and best practices from several industries and applications