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Group - 19, June 2017
AKKA Technologies at Paris Air Show
Group - 2, May 2017
#AKKAJobFair - Our teams come to meet you
Group - 17, April 2017
AKKA Technologies demonstrates its expertise in aeronautics
Group - 7, March 2017
AKKA Technologies is awarded Top Employer 2017 certification for the second consecutive year
Akka Technologies in France

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France is the birthplace of the AKKA Group. Our consultants stand by your side during the whole development process of the product lifecycle thanks to our value added global offer that relies on 7 expertise:

  • System engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Process engineering
  • Support engineering
  • Embedded software and electronics
  • Information systems
  • Consulting


Our offer can be applied to all business and industrial sectors, whether you need our expertise on technical assistance projects, turnkey projects, or transnational projects. Our engineers can work directly on site or from our premises. Passionate about technologies, we always submit innovative solutions to our clients. Our Group thus benefits from a unique positioning among engineering companies.


€470 million
6,000 talents
30 offices




Joined AKKA Technologies in 2014 as CEO France, Paolo Del Noce held positions as Program Managing Director at the Italian engineering company, as Purchasing Director and Citybus platform Director at Irisbus (France) as well as General Manager Defence, Bus and Firefighting at Iveco (Latin America).

Local Specific Topics

Thanks to our Centers of Excellence specialized in the main business sectors of our Group (Systems, Product, Process, etc.), as well as our proximity with our clients and their specific environments, AKKA Technologies managed to offer them transverse offers, thus linking all business sectors, and local offers focused on specific issues. Here are some examples of our offers, which always correspond to the current technical and technological issues:

Our transversal offers

We support our clients by offering them production support and manufacturing engineering services on the entire industrialization phases of the product, from concept to commissioning.

Thanks to our network of international experts and our cross-industry know-how, we offer innovative turnkey solutions that meet our clients' requirements.

  • Industrialization support
  • Mechanical design
  • Virtual reality / engineering


Our specific offers

  • Body and antennas installation
  • Industrial transfer
  • Embedded electric and electronic systems

Success stories and project references


Aircraft support - AWAS and GECAS

In 2015, AKKA-Aeroconseil won two significative projects that will give place to 6-month-projects in 2016.

Support engineering - EMBRAER

EMBRAER chose AKKA Technologies for the development of its technical documentation. After some months of negotiations, the Brazilian aircraft manufacturer and our teams agreed on a multi-year agreement for the production and development of the technical documentation of its civils aircraft (maintenance manuals, spare parts catalogues, bulletin services, illustrations, etc.), and especially the latest member of the fleet: the ERJ190-E2.


Process & Design – EDF

EDF will be maintaining the coal-fired units for the Cordemais powerplant until 2035, withh AKKA an active participant in the project.
This huge construction project, planned as part of EDF's modernization of its French thermal power plants, seeks to improve the performance and extend the activity of the power plant (originally commissioned in 1980) until 2035.

Our supervising team (10 technicians and engineers) in the field of high voltage currents is assisting the Center for Thermal Engineering (CIT) with the preparation and monitoring of operations. In parallel, we are also assisting EDF in this project, with various services in the following areas: logistics, electricity, civil engineering, mechanics and boiler making.
With AKKA’s cutting-edge expertise in each of these professions, EDF selected us in order to take advantage of our experience and our know-how.


On-board software for satellites – THALES ALENIA SPACE, CNES and EUROPEAN SPACE AGENCY (ESA)

AKKA Cannes and AKKA Romserv Bucarest both carried out the On-Board Software (OBSW) NEOSAT project for THALES ALENIA SPACE, the CNES, and the European Space Agency.

Our teams handle during 30 months the development and validation of command/control on-board software for the future NEOSAT satellite platform using electric or hybrid propulsion and thus integrating lots of innovations…


SIGFOX is the only cellular radio operator dedicated to the Internet of things. Thanks to its UNB technology (Ultra Narrow Band), it can offer services of economic low-speed communications for high autonomous objects, with a very low development cost for the radio part.
In order to authorize its partners to develop SIGFOX-compatible products in all over the world, the "NED" app offers a network emulator.

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For us, passion is not just an empty word, but a beacon that guides us in our daily activities: a passion for technologies of course, by providing to our employees a multi-sector experience-rich work environment conducive to creativity and a spirit of innovation – but above all, the passion felt by the men and women – that make up the heart of our Group -, whom we help on daily basis to express their personality in innovative and motivating projects and to develop their talent worldwide.

We have been experiencing passion through the values that have been driving us for more than 30 years : ambition, by providing a working environment that enables talented people to push the envelope, and to always be efficient, successful and energy-driven despite difficulties ; respect, by promoting dialogue, closeness and responsiveness within our teams, to better meet client and staff expectations; courage which expresses itself both on a managerial level and on the level of technological challenges which we face by anticipating the future

If passion is not for you a meaningless word, then join us !

The AKKA Experience
Without creativity, there can be no passion or innovation. At AKKA, everyone can express their creativity and potential by offering differentiating and one-of-a-kind solution to our clients. Everything is possible! That is also true in the way you manage your career. The opportunities offered by the Group are numerous. So you want to manage people and projects although you are not yet 25 years old and be sent on a 6-month assignment to Japan. It's up to you! Only motivation counts!
L’engagement AKKA
AKKA's commitment
We are convinced that the strength of any global group rests on its socially responsible commitment. We are working daily to promote diversity, notably through the “Mission Handicap”, which since its inception 2009, has been continuing its actions to integrate staff with disabilities. We are also committed to the environment and have pursued for several years a sustainable development policy on a voluntary basis, or by innovating and creating the Link&Go, a clean, self-driving vehicle of the future.
L’immersion AKKA
The AKKA immersion
Because there is no substitute for human contact, come and meet us to know more about our group, whether in one of our sales offices in France or for a drink after work or at an art exhibition, to immerse yourself in a world of innovation and technologies, or at your school by playing our 3D serious game or on ski slopes! We will always find new opportunities to share together.
Dire KAP à la diversité
Saying KAP to diversity
Providing a value-enhancing workplace to all staff is one of AKKA's top priorities, who is daily promoting well being at work. Convinced of the richness and diversity brought about by having staff from different walks of life, the « Mission Handikap », by formalizing action programs for disabled staff has defined 3 kinds of commitment: 1-“KAPACITY” to recruit and on-board staff with disabilities 2-The KAPACITY to support and help them develop their skills in proper conditions 3-The KAPACITY to join forces






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