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Co-Friend - Cognitive & Flexible learning system operating Robust Interpretation of Extended real scenes by multi-sensors Datafusion

Intelligent video surveillance of airport stopover areas

Co-Friend is a collaborative, European research project coordinated by AKKA Technologies. Co-Friend project aims to optimise occupation of stopover zones in order to avoid saturation of European air space and airport congestion. This prototype uses the latest technologies in video-surveillance, video-tracking and artificial intelligence (learning and automatic recognition of scenes).

Using a series of fixed and dome cameras, Co-Friend automatically detects and monitors all stopover operations around the aircraft and therefore contributes to improving the safety of people and equipment. Airlines, airport management companies, ground-support service providers and, ultimately, passengers will all benefit from this system.

AKKA Technologies has developed a demonstration system at Toulouse-Blagnac airport.
As the project initiator, AKKA Technologies coordinated the different European players involved:

  • Inria in Sophia-Antipolis (FR)

  • University of Reading (UK)

  • University of Hamburg (GER)

  • University of Leeds (UK)

  • Toulouse-Blagnac Airport (FR)


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