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Driver – Automated vehicle interaction


Renowned expert in autonomous driving, AKKA Technologies joined the CoCoVeA consortium (Coopération Conducteur – Véhicule Automatisé) launched by the ANR (the French National Research Agency). It provides its expertise in the analysis of driver behaviour in studies carried out on vigilance assessments, and the management of emergency situations. Furthermore, AKKA Technologies offers the consortium its know-how in the field of aerospace, particularly in terms of the ergonomics of the driver’s compartment.

Enhancing the vehicles cockpit with increasingly complex assistance systems interacting with the driver via various modalities (visual, manual, tactile, audio, haptic…) raises new problems in the field of human-machine interface. It requires entire compatibility between embedded systems and the vehicle steering tool in order to guarantee, in complete safety, the transition from manual to automatic driving mode and back again.


CoCoVeA project aims to demonstrate the need of the driver integration into the problem-solving process. This begins with the system design itself and addresses aspects such as the degree of autonomy, level of automation, information prioritization and system operation management. For ensuring good security conditions it is essential to be aware of the driving situation and state of the driver at all times in order to decide whether or not to activate the automatic driving mode.


  • To develop a cooperative architecture between the driver and the assistance systems for automatic driving (vehicle control sharing through haptic technology).
  • To develop a prototype for the control and coordination of the systems embedded in the cockpit.
  • To integrate these systems into several demonstrators in both driving simulators and real vehicles.
  • To validate the systems developed through experimentation.
  • To provide recommendations for the manufacturers and equipment suppliers.


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