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AKKA TECHNOLOGIES' complementary Aeronautics brand


Recognised provider of aeronautical services along the entire life cycle of the aircraft; from design to the operation and conversion.


For 30 years, AKKA Technologies has been developing its global aeronautical offer: from manufacturer design offices to operators, including OEMs, airlines owners and lessors. This tailored support can be provided in the form of technical assistance or work packages at every stage of a project.


In response to environmental challenges and industry issues, we bring together major aerospace suppliers such as Stelia and Aircelle in design issues to bring forward the development of composites in aircraft structures and equipment. We identify potential savings, design optimized parts with innovative tools (Optistruct, topology optimization, etc.) and implement dedicated processes (as additive manufacturing) to meet mass, fatigue, industrialization and maintainability specifications.

AKKA Technologies is a global specialist in connectivity. We support the engineering of intersystem aircraft communication as well as the definition and use of Aircraft Data Networks with high safety constraints (such as for the A380, A400M and A350). We also take part in aircraft interconnections by implementing avionics for exchanges with other aircraft (TCAS, ACARS, L16, etc.) or with the ground (airline, airports, etc.) and cabin GSM/WIFI connectivity for passengers’ communications.

AKKA Technologies experts provides a full NDT range of skills from performing qualifications and audits to setting-up surface treatment facilities, training and hotline support. AKKA Technologies has thus visited more than 300 suppliers of Airbus and Boeing.

European, North American, Japanese and Russian manufacturers have entrusted AKKA Technologies to prepare them for certification audits and train to support certification at all levels. Our offer is built upon our expertise in Type Certification Processes in relation to international authorities (EASA, FAA, TCCA, etc.) as well as our extensive knowledge of systems (ATAx), Development Assurance (ARP4754), Safety Assurance (ARP4761), Software (DO178B/C) and Electronic Hardware (DO254).


Our merger of ATA specialists, methods and tools teams enable us to implement system development plans in complex and multifaceted environments, in order to apply functional, safety and certification requirements. We support all features of systems engineering: architecture, design, integration and validation, tests and certification justification.


We design and deliver state-of-the art information systems supporting business, engineering, manufacturing, and logistics. Our offers include: aircraft documentation management systems, flight data management, Airlines Revenue Management, web portals, technologies related to mobility and geolocation, business intelligence, ERP/SAP, PLM, mainframes, etc.


Our merge of ATAs specialists, methods and tools teams enable to implement system development plans in an environment involving many players, in order to apply functional, safety and certification requirements. We support all features of systems engineering: architecture, design, integration and validation, tests and certification justification.


Capitalizing on both design methods and simulation tools, we manage all development phases of aeronautical products: upstream /detailed design studies, calculations, simulations, materials, testing, quality.


We provide global support to our clients in reaching operational excellence, especially through PMO and complex project management for design office, industrialization and after sales. Our solutions help to enhance industrialization and operational performance: through of services from lean manufacturing and cost engineering to manufacturing engineering and change management. Following the project phases for industrialization, the intervention areas of AKKA Technologies extend from the Contract Award (CA) to the Final Project Review (FPR).


Embedded software and Electronics

We rely on a solid knowledge of the entire development cycle, from architecture design to V&V activities including quality management and third party maintenance. We are able to implement Agile methods, and to develop real-time software, test benches, scientific data processing, mobility and communication systems…


We offer to OEM Customer Support and aircraft operators a wide set of services: In-service support, maintainability and maintenance engineering, Technical Publications and SB, training, etc. In particular, we handle complete studies for aircraft modifications (avionics upgrade, cabin refurbishment, freighter conversion and external liveries), Flight Operations Support and Asset Management (operational documentation, continuing airworthiness, aircraft transactions etc).


To support complex systems engineering (including equipment) and configuration management, AKKA deals with dependability and performs studies related to ILS and RAMS (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety). Additionnaly, our teams have a comprehensive approach of documentation: content authoring / structure / illustration / translation, technical and operational data management and distribution.


Aeroconseil offers the unique capability in being able to support Certification on aircraft, systems, software, equipment and hardware levels. This includes certification and validationfor the life cycle from preliminary studies and initial application to type certification and entry into force. Specialists in engineering, development assurance, safety, but also Senior advisors (e.g. former Chief Engineers, Chief Test Pilots), with experience on many international aircraft programs, worldwide: this is the unique combination of resources and expertise brought to you by Aeroconseil, making us a true “Certification Partner”.


  • In-house R&D Center to promote innovation and technology transfer

  • Proven experience with key aeronautical worldwide actors: manufacturers, OEMs (systems and equipment, airframes, engines), and air transport (MRO, lessors and airlines)

  • Aeronautical expertise covering the entire life cycle of the aircraft, from its design to operation and eventual conversion

  • Competence Centers all around the world to ensure a local presence and commitment to our customers in our centers of excellence

  • Air Transport Specialist bringing its expertise to the manufacturer’s customer support

  • Approvals Part 21 J & G (DOA and POA), Part M (G & I) and Part 145 issued by EASA

  • Leader in certification support: Certification Together International Conference, DO254 User Group

  • KU Band antenna installation and system activation : for Global Eagle Entertainment, a California company, Aeroconseil has designed and certified the installation of a radome fastened on the primary structure of an AIR FRANCE‘s A320 aircraft (FAA/EASA STC). This equipment contains a Ku-Band antenna that allows the on-board wifi during short and medium-haul flights

  • EMBRAER multimedia based training software : for EMBRAER, AKKA designs and develops a MBT (training and operations support system) for its new 190-E2 aircraft. The AKKA Training departments packaged a turnkey tool associating Technical and Pedagogical Engineering, Multimedia 2D and 3D and E-learning dedicated to the maintenance staff, pilots, flight attendants.


CIT Aerospace
Airbus Group
Air France
Daher Socata
Rockwell Collins
Dassault Aviation
Sabena Technics
Safran Group
Stelia Aerospace
Global Eagle Entertainment
Jet Aviation


AKKA Technologies’ Aeroconseil has contributed to all of Airbus’s aircraft programs and is still heavily involved today in the A380, the A400M and the A350 as well as the military derivatives of the A330 platform (MRTT). Based on this experience, Aeroconseil has diversified its activities towards other aeronautical manufacturers, including ATR, Bombardier, MITAC, Embraer and Eurocopter.

We work on the multiple challenges facing aircraft manufacturers (the ‘more electric’ aircraft, avionics platforms with greater configuration possibilities, environmental issues, etc.) and for several years we have been involved in major research programs such as MOET (More Open Electrical Technologies) which brings together more than 60 European partners from the aeronautical industry.

A leader in connectivity on-board solutions

Since 2008, Aeroconseil has been granted different STC for GSM connectivity on B777-200, B777-300, B747, B767, Airbus A330. In February 2010, our teams achieved a successful bid for the installation of in-flight mobile telephone systems on a VIP A330 for Lufthansa Technik... 

Aeronautics Research project Air Cobot

As innovation player, AKKA Research, the internal R&D Center of AKKA Technologies, extends its expertise in robotics to other sectors. The teams co-develop the Air COBOT (Aircraft enhanced Inspection by SmaRt & Collaborative rOBOT), a robot designed to carry out 70 % of the daily visual inspections for maintenance... 



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